Hawkeye episode 6 trailer teases a huge showdown with Yelena – and the big guy

Hawkeye episode 6 has a new trailer teasing what's to come, and it's looking like an explosive finale. Spoilers ahead!

After the shock revelation in episode 5 that the big guy is none other than Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, it seems we can expect his first proper appearance in the show to be a dramatic one. "The Marvel universe is about to get a lot bigger," the voiceover promises, and we catch a quick glimpse of Kingpin's cane.

Then there's Yelena Belova, who still looks to be out for Hawkeye's blood, and is gunning for him throughout the trailer. It seems the walls are closing in on the archer, especially as the Tracksuit Mafia are also still in play. Plus, episode 5 revealed that Kingpin may be to blame for the death of Echo's father, so it's probably safe to say Maya Lopez could be unpredictable in the next episode. 

There's also the mystery of the Rolex watch, and who it belongs to, that still needs answering. 

It remains to be seen how events will play out in Hawkeye episode 6, but Kate and Clint are once again a united team after briefly splitting up earlier in the series.

"The most important relationship for Clint in the entire show is the relationship between Clint and Kate," Jeremy Renner told GamesRadar+ of the duo's bond. "It takes six episodes to fully flourish into what it needs to be and what it is. It grows in each episode, it shifts and changes and re-calibrates."

Hawkeye episode 6 lands this December 22, and you can check out our Hawkeye release schedule to find out when exactly it releases on Disney Plus in your time zone.

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