Hasselhoff Could be back in Knight Rider

Despite giving the pilot of the rebooted Knight Rider a thumbs down in the press earlier in the year, it seems that Germany’s favourite MOR rocker David Hasselhoff, star of the original show, is close to agreeing to appear in an episode of the new show.

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire , the new show’s executive producer, Gary Scott Thompson, says, "Those were old quotes… He doesn't feel that way anymore. I just talked with David the other day over breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel and explained to him in great detail what we had planned for the show, and he said he liked it and gave his approval."

Thompson has the advantage that he didn’t work on the pilot, and was brought in as showrunner only when a full series was given the greenlight. At that point he announced some dissatisfaction with the pilot and promised to take more inspiration from the original show: "I came in and wanted to revamp. I went back and watched the original series, the first season, and asked, 'What's the mythology? Where are we going, and how do we create this 25 years later?' It's been all about taking the concept to the next level." So presumably Thompson’s vision is more in line with what Hasselhoff would like to see. Or maybe they’re just waving a very big cheque in his direction (and the promise to put one of his rock songs on the soundtrack).

So, what form could this appearance take? “I don't want to put him in just for the sake of having him drop by,” says Thompson. “I want there to be a good reason for him being there and have it be part of the story. I talked to David about a way of doing that, and so far he likes it. It's a cool idea. The Sci Fi Wire article adds that Thompson‘s dream scenario is to have Michael Knight and KITT teaming up with the new show’s Mike Tracer and his Ford Mustang GT500KR. "I don't know if it will happen," Thompson said. "It's all about timing."