Harry Potter: Wizards Unite spell energy: How to get more spell energy

Chances are you're always running out of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite spell energy. While the game is addressing the balance of this vital currency, if you're casting a lot of spells you'll probably run out a lot and wonder how to get spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Every time you cast a spell in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you'll use up one spell energy, and if you're playing frequently, that total will be depleted very quickly. Here's how to get more Harry Potter: Wizards Unite spell energy.

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How to get spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

How to get spell energy in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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The main point of of Wizards Unite is to defeat confoundables you can find in the world by blasting them with spells. To do that you need spell energy - if you run out you can't really do much. There are a few ways to get get spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite but the main options are tops up from Inns, challenges and greenhouses, as well as obviously buying it with real money.

You can get spell energy from Inns in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

spell energy from Inns Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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This is the main way of getting spell energy. You can visit an inn every five minutes and cast a simple spell to get a random spin of the dishes on display. These can give you between 1-10 spell energy at a time. 

Reddit user zviznemte has done some digging and identified these Inn types currently in the game: 

  • Brown - Ministry Inn
  • Purple - Butter Beer Inn
  • Green - Pub Weasley Inn
  • Blue - Three Broomsticks
  • Pink - Madam Puddifoot's Tea

From that, zviznemte's listed what spell energy you can get from what Inn

  • 1 Spell Energy - Tomato Soup /Afternoon Tea - Brown inns, Purple inns
  • Brown inns
  • 2 Spell Energy - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans/Pumpkin Juice - Green inns
  • Blue inns, Purple inns
  • 3 Spell Energy - Violet Pudding - Pink inns
  • 5 Spell Energy - Bangers and mash - Purple inns
  • 6 Spell Energy- Fish and Chips/Honeyduke's Chocolate Bar - Brown inns, Blue inns, Green inns
  • 7 Spell Energy - Butterbeer - Blue inns, Purple inns
  • 10 Spell Energy - Turkey Dinner - Green inns

The short answer then is almost any Inn is as good as another with each colour having a spread of low and high payouts. 

You can get spell energy from challenges

spell energy from challenges harry potter wizards unite

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Some of your daily challenges will pay out spell energy, although it's not a huge amount, usually just the five units once you've completed them. It's best to think of this as some free extra energy rather than a real source. Just steer towards a challenge if you see some spell energy as a payout. 

Greenhouses can give you spell energy

Greenhouses, like the Inns, are a bit of a randomised gamble. While you usually get potion ingredients, you can get a couple of units of spell energy. Again, like challenges this is more of a bonus than a viable way of getting what you need. 

You can buy spell energy

buy spell energy Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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Obviously this is the last resort for most people but you can buy spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. There's a few options. The SOS kit is a one off that'll give you 50 spell energy in exchange for real money, while you can also buy 50 spell energy in the shop for 100 gold coins. 

How to save spell energy

Because it's so easy to run out of spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you'll want to try and minimise your loses and hang on to what you've got. Here's a few pointers to help you out: 

  • Stop walking to cast spells - You might be tempted to try and cast a spell on the go but it really affects your accuracy, and so the spells quality. Lower quality spells have more chance of failing so you could and up using more energy. 
  • Cast spells faster - Your spell quality also depends, how fast you cast a spell so getting your speed up means better spells that should save you energy. 
  • Use potions - if you're really struggling pop a potion as it'll make a tricky confoundables easy to catch and save you throwing spell energy at a lost cause.
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