How to cast spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and hit Masterful level

How to cast spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might look obvious but there's a trick to it that isn't obvious, and if you want to hit Masterful level you might need a few pointers. With higher level confoundables you want to be aiming for Masterful spells all the time in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as lower quality magic just won't cut it. For tips on how to cast spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, read on.

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How to cast spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

How to cast a spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Casting spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite requires you to copy the shape on screen by drawing it with your finger. The first part is obvious: stay as close as you can to the lines that appear - the closer you get to the original shape the better quality the spell. 

However, there's another element in play and that's the speed you cast the spell. You've probably discovered that if you're too slow you'll fail the spell, but the benefit of going faster isn't as obviously initially. It's easy to miss if you're spending too much time looking at the spell shape as you're casting, however this bit at the top of the screen measure time as well as quality when you're waving your wand: 

harry potter wizards unite spell bar

Those segments of the green bar correspond to Masterful, Great, Good and Fair levels of spell casting. The second you start the countdown begins and you need to finish the spell inside the top, smallest section to hit the coveted Masterful rank. 

The maths behind this isn't immediately obvious but it looks like the timer counts down as yoyu cast then, once you're finished adds the quality of your shape matching back on. So while you might finish the spell in the Good section of the bar  you can do a good enough drawing that it all adds back up to Masterful.

Check this Masterful spell casting out: 

It takes a little practice but from what we can tell speed can more than make up for sloppy form so focus on being as fast as you can while being as accurate as possible. 

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