Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips: 11 tricks that'll make even Hermione Granger jealous

There's nothing wrong with looking up a few Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips. It's an odd game with a few weird tricks up its sleeve and a strange way of explaining anything. Stick Harry Potter: Wizards Unite though and things will eventually start to make sense, and these Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips should get you started quicker and more coherently than trying to muddle through it yourself. 

Our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips will keep you casting spells long into the night (remember to bring a torch in lieu of a lumos spell, ok?). Don't worry, fellow wizards and witches, as these pointers will make sure you feel like you've got all the knowledge of Hogwarts to hand when it comes to playing the mobile game, so keep reading for the Wizards Unite tips that'll help you become as powerful as Harry Potter himself in no time. 

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1. Interact with cauldrons when you're brewing potions

Harry Potter wizards unite brewing potions

Gather the right ingredients in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and you'll be able to brew your very own potions. It goes way beyond just clicking a 'brew potion' button though, if you then tap on the cauldron you'll be able to perform a whole range of gestures that - if done in the right order - can speed up brewing time. Go to the info button at the top of the brewing screen to see all the different symbols you can draw on the cauldron to make it brew faster, which are things like stirring counter clockwise, pinching the liquid, tapping it repeatedly and so on Experiment with different movements (including shaking your phone) to discover the right combination and have a lil' bit of fun at the same time. Once you've learnt one combination for a potion, the sequence will be written at the top of the screen so you don't have to remember it yourself. Nifty!

2. Make sure you're fighting the right monsters for your class

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fortresses

Picking a profession in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is basically you choosing your class. You can decide whether to be a Magizoologist (a tank and healer), an Auror (which does high damage), or a Professor (good at puzzle solving - we don't know much more about them at the moment). When you enter Fortresses with other players, each one of you will have different advantages against specific monsters based on your Profession. So Aurors will be better against death eaters, and Magizoologists will have an easier time defeating creatures like erklings. Make sure you're fighting the best creature for your profession, or you won't be being very efficient. Not good. 

3. Play with friends to get bonus XP from challenges

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite wizarding XP and bonus XP

Having friends feels good anyway, but one of our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips is to make sure you team up with other players to access the special rewards reserved just for those magical friendships. In the social section of the game it says that you can get bonus wizarding XP and bonus XP from challenges when you complete them with friends, so remember to buddy up if you want to level up that little bit faster. 

4. Complete daily assignments for gold, XP, or items

Harry potter wizards unite daily assignments for gold, XP, or items

On the screen there's a tab especially for daily assignments, which you can access by clicking the icon in the bottom right-hand corner. In here you'll find daily assignments, which are basically daily quests. They're usually pretty easy and get you either gold, XP, or items for completing them, so tackling them is a great way to reap some extra rewards. 

5. Use your Portkeys to see more of the Harry Potter world 

harry potter wizards unite Portkeys

When you level up you'll find Portkeys which open Portmanteaus, or portals to different parts of the wizarding world. Portmanteaus can be found around the map, and once you find one you can use a Portkey to step inside and look around a location in the wizarding world, like Hagrid's Hut, Ollivander's Wand Shop, and Borgin and Burkes. They're neat little slices of the world, so make sure you use Portkeys to get the full experience. 

6. Visit inns regularly to collect spell energy 

harry potter wizard unite spell energy

Spell energy is crucial when it comes to casting spells, as you'll spend one unit of energy for every spell you cast. Visit inns regularly to make sure you have enough as each dish you consume there will give you one spell energy - and only one. These can run out pretty quickly, so you'll want to plan a walking route that takes you past quite a few inns so you can restock spell energy fast and not be left without any spells to cast during a Fortress fight. Inns restock every 5 minutes so you'll just have to do a couple of laps to be able to cast spells once more. You can always buy more spell energy using gold, but hey, you do you. 

7. A red bar means a high level confoundable you'll have to level up to defeat

harry potter wizards unite confoundable

Confoundables are evil creatures you'll need to defeat. They usually aren't that hard to beat, but if you see the bar at the top of your screen turn red, you had better save yourself some time and run away. That red bar means the confoundable you're fighting is incredibly hard to beat, so it's best to try and level up before taking it on or downing some potions to make your magic more powerful. Or you'll find yourself wasting your valuable spell energy.

8. Red and black swirls when casting spells means you've failed

harry potter wizards unite spell casting

Related to one of our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips above, a quick way to tell whether you've failed at destroying a Confoundable is to pay attention to the colour of your spells on the screen. Usually they're blue if you're successful, but if you start to see red and black swirls coming from your wand, I have bad news: you've already failed and you won't be able to get rid of the confoundable. It's best to run away in that scenario and make sure you're powerful enough to take down the confoundable, as there are some that are simply too hard for new witches and wizards.

9. Pay attention to a spell glyphs' specific shape

Some of the spell glyphs can trick you in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The straight ones are simple enough, but a couple of them look circular but are actually slightly warped so that they're squashed flat at awkward points. This means that your brain might tell you to draw a circle shape, but it won't work as it doesn't match the glyph. So pay attention to the symbol and beware - if you're too slow you'll fail, plus the glyph disappears quite quickly so you'll have to draw it from memory. 

10. Different potion ingredients appear depending on time of day, weather, and moon phase

harry potter wizards unite potion ingredients

Different potion ingredients will appear at different times, so make sure to watch carefully which ingredients appear during various types of weather, the time of day, and the moon phase. Someone will doubtless post all the spawning guidelines on Reddit at some point, but until then you might want to make a note of when some of the rarer ingredients appear for yourself. 

11. Bring a battery pack on your treks

Harry potter wizards unite battery pack

This one is self-explanatory. When you're walking around dispelling confoundables and brewing potions, the last thing you want is to run out of juice on your phone. Make sure to bring a battery back with you so you can recharge it on the go.

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