Halo Wars 2 beta player turns a support ability into a sadistically clever offensive one

As of today, January 25, we're halfway through the Halo Wars 2 beta and a month away from the game's full release. But if a clip shared on Reddit is anything to go by, we already know that HW2 players are a clever lot, willing to bend the rules of engagement in order to secure victory.

Over on r/HaloWars, user ForgeKing has shared a… shall we say "unique" method for handling foes. I'll let you watch it first, then explain what happened:

Playing as Shipmaster Let 'Volir (meaning access to Covenant troops and abilities), ForgeKing drops a squad of Suicide Grunts (units that deal massive damage in an area when killed) right into the middle of his enemy's army. As the opposing player attempts to flee from the Suicide Grunts' explosion, ForgeKing uses Teleport (which is typically used as a support ability to bring more of your own troops into battle) to round up his enemies and drop them right back into danger.

You clever King, I read your meta guide.

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Sam Prell

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