Halo Wars

While the boys at Bungie are stealing all the limelight with Halo 3, Ensemble Studios are going about bringing the Halo -verse to 360 in RTS form quietly under the radar. There has been some skepticism about whether RTS’ can really work on a console but the notoriously protective Bungie has already thrown their full weight behind the project;and if anyone’s going to be able to pull it off, Ensemble Studios is, being the best in the business and all.

The sheer importance of the Halo franchise to Microsoft means that you know the finished product is going to be quality. Sure, there’s a film on the way (at some point… maybe), Halo 3 and Peter Jackson’s Halo project, but while Microsoftisdetermined to maximize the strength of the Halo brand, and make pots of cash in the process, they refuse to do it through cheap, hastily-put-together crap. Put it this way: we’re a long way from Halo Kart and Master Chief Pinball Arcade.