Halo Infinite players can (sort of) play an in-game guitar

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Halo Infinite players have discovered the game hides a (sort of) playable guitar.

Just below, you can see a popular post from the Halo subreddit, which emerged on December 12. The clip shows a player discovering the site of Craig's band atop the tower on Zeta Halo, and reveals that when they stand on the guitar and hit it with a melee attack, it actually lets out a string of pre-recorded guitar notes.

This, if you're unfamiliar with the significance of the location, is an easter egg dedicated to Craig the Brute. The hapless character became the subject of much mockery from the internet at large all the way back at E3 2020, and at the time he didn't even have a name, players just knew him as the dumbfounded Brute who caught the butt of Master Chief's rifle.

The Brute was eventually nicknamed Craig, and became so well known that even Xbox employees started wearing t-shirts adorned with his face. The site of the rock band setup in the Halo Infinite clip above is attributed to Craig's band, and a poster near the back of the main stage reveals a complete list of locations where the band will be playing in the future.

Craig isn't there, unfortunately, but there is this guitar that produces some electrifying notes. In the comments section underneath the original subreddit post, users wonder if we'll ever see Craig's band jam out in full, and some are hopeful of a horde-based mode where Master Chief fights off concert-goers while Craig's band plays in the background. That's probably not on developer 343's radar right now, but it sounds like one hell of a DLC premise.

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