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Guillermo del Toro joins forces with Disney

After teasing everyone last week with an announcement around "the letter D", he has revealed the truth - he's working with Disney on a new project.

Del Toro has created a new production label - Disney Double Dare You - that will produce films, cartoons, books and other merchandise focused around a series of scary projects that are nevertheless still in the Mouse House's family friendly style.

The first to roll off the production line will be Trollhunters, which del Toro created and is producing. Future plans apparently include tying all the films together in some as-yet-unnamed way. He's a secretive one, that GDT.

And when he has a spare moment or finally manages to build that time machine so he can work on everything he's got set up, del Toro plans to direct one of the labels' output.

[Source: Coming Soon ]

Del Toro and Disney! A match made in heaven or too much for the director?