GTA V: Exciting new economy system showcased in gameplay trailer

Rockstar has unleashed another GTA 5 trailer into the wild, immediately causing the internet to grind to a halt as everyone tries to get another glimpse of what will certainly be 2013's biggest game.

But beyond the tennis-playing and scuba-diving, perhaps the biggest leap forward is in the game's economy system, allowing you to buy anything from clothes and tattoos through to stocks in Ammu-Nation. The trailer shows a few screens from in-game website 'BAWSAQ' (a rather crude play on NASDAQ, presumably), which shows a selection of the stocks that you'll be able to invest in:

But you don't have to get into the world of stocks and shares if that sounds too boring. You can also just blow all your money on fast cars and tattoos. Hey, at least there's no chance of the tattoo market collapsing, right?

There's also the potential to buy and sell property until you end up with the penthouse apartment in the biggest skyscraper in town.

They all look like nice features on their own, but imagine how they could all work together, especially with the three-character single-player co-op mechanic, where you can jump between the three main characters at any time. You could start a turf war on the ground with one character after buying loads of shares in Ammu-Nation with another, then watch it all play out as your bank balance skyrockets from all the extra business. And then go and play golf to celebrate a job well done. Sweet.

We'll bring you more detailed trailer analysis very soon. But in the mean-time, what excited you most about the trailer? Let us know in the comments.

Justin Towell

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