GTA San Andreas Xbox shots

With the Xbox version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas just days away, Rockstar has casually released these new screenshots of the game to further tempt any of you who resisted the PS2 version to part with your cash.

In addition to the cities, modes and features present in the PS2 version, the Xbox game will feature a few technical improvements over the original, making it the console version to own.

New lighting and shading models, high-resolution textures, an increased draw distance and 480p support make this version look much nicer, with the 5.1 surround sound ably backing up the graphical improvements.

In addition, the Xbox version also features a 30-second replay mode, allowing you to re-enjoy nasty moments, and a customisable soundtrack, giving you the option to build your own radio station playlists.

Amusingly, the DJ commentary and silly adverts still play out in-between your tracks, so you don't have to sacrifice some of the humour in order to enjoy your own music.

Anyway, enough chat, check out the new screenshots on the right.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is due for release on Xbox and PC this Friday. The PS2 version is out now