GTA Online's Drug Wars update adds 51 pairs of the world's ugliest shoe

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

The GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update adds a whopping 51 pairs of Crocs for you to purchase - if you really must.

When it comes to fashionable shoes, Crocs are well and truly at the bottom of the list. Fans of the footwear may argue that they're comfortable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, but appearance-wise no one can say that this chunky sandal-like footwear is anything other than ugly. It's rather fitting, then, that in GTA Online, a game all about crime, you have so much choice when carrying out crimes against your feet.

The vast range of Crocs now available in GTA Online was spotted by RockstarINTEL (and oh, how we wish it hadn't), who shared a short clip of the horrible footwear on Twitter. As the footage shows, you can purchase them in a range of garish shades, including bright pinks, greens, and blues, and for a truly cringe-inducing look, you can even pair your crocs with some white socks. Making your feet look this bad is costly, too, with prices typically ranging from $3,500 to $4,800 in-game. Clearly, not a fan of the footwear, Rockstar has aptly named the shoes "Ugglies". 

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These extra footwear options come as part of the new GTA Online DLC, which launches today. The update is billed as "the opening chapter of an expansive new two-part story update" and adds a ton of extra content, including new vehicles and weapons, alongside general improvements and ray-traced reflections on new-gen consoles.

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