GTA Online snow has arrived for the holidays

GTA Online snow
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GTA Online snow has finally arrived for the 2023 holiday season, continuing the annual winter tradition in Los Santos and Blaine County. The whole region has been covered with a blanket of snow, and plenty of festive events, activities, and rewards have been added for GTA Online. Snowmen mean their heads kicked in, Gooch is back to surprise you with a festive mugging, and the Happy Holidays Hauler has arrived to drop presents ripe for looting. Here's everything that has arrived with the GTA Online snow and holiday season event.

What is the Happy Holidays Hauler in GTA Online?

A new inclusion for 2023, the GTA Online Happy Holidays Hauler is a bright red truck that can be found driving around the map dropping presents – which include various consumables plus two exclusive eCola and Sprunk festive sweaters. If you spot this holiday juggernaut then make sure you follow it, so you can gather up any gifts that drop from the trailer.

GTA Online Snowmen Locations

Gta online snowmen

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The 25 GTA Online Snowmen have returned to Los Santos with the arrival of snow, which means you can earn yourself plenty of GTA$ and the Snowman outfit for your wardrobe by destroying them all. They're slightly different to the GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns that appeared over Halloween. 

You can use our handy GTA Online Snowman map to narrow things down. You can destroy them however want too - smash them up, blow them up, drive over them. Whatever takes your fancy.

What are the GTA Online Festive Rewards

GTA Online snow

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The GTA Online Festive Rewards haven't been confirmed for 2023 yet, but last year you could claim this range of weapons, hats and resources: 

  • GTA Online Christmas rewards, December 21 - December 27:
  • New Snowball Launcher
  • Green Xmas Tree Hat
  • White Xmas Reindeer Hat
  • Candy Cane Weapon
  • Green Reindeer Beer Hat
  • GTA Online Christmas rewards, December 21 - January 3:
  • Yeti Outfit
  • Snowman Outfit
  • Gooch Outfit
  • WM 29 Pistol
  • Combat Pistol weapon skin
  • Special Carbine weapon skin
  • Heavy Sniper weapon skin
  • eCola sweater
  • Sprunk sweater
  • GTA$
  • Snacks
  • Ammo
  • RP

There is another set of rewards available for playing around New Year's Day too:

  • GTA Online New Year's rewards, December 28 - January 3:
  • Gold New Years Glasses
  • Silver New Years Glasses
  • Rainbow New Years Glasses
  • Gold New Years Hat
  • Silver New Years Hat
  • Rainbow New Years Hat

Watch out for the GTA Online Gooch

Tez2 via Twitter

(Image credit: Tez2 via Twitter)

The GTA Online Gooch is back for 2023, acting as a seasonal mugger. It'll appear out of nowhere to knock you down and steal some of your cash and snacks. If you're quick enough, you can chase it down and fight it to get your items back, along with a bonus from the present left behind. Defeating the Gooch gets you the Gooch outfit this time too!

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