Where to find GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns

GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns
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The GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns are back in Los Santos and Blaine County, so it's time to start gathering them up once again. You'll find these GTA Online Pumpkins outside most properties, and with a total of 200 distributed across the map you shouldn't need to travel far between them. As you track them down during the GTA Online Halloween season your pad will vibrate to let you know when one is nearby, but beware as there's a risk vs reward payoff when you grab one of these haunting decorations.

As you pick each one up you'll receive a random Trick or Treat, which could be a nice amount of cash or RP, but on the flip side you may become stoned or get flung through the air by a massive electric shock! If you want more details on where to find them, then here's everything you need to know about the GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns collectibles and the rewards for finding them.

GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns locations

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There are a whopping 200 GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns locations all over Los Santos and Blaine County, which would take you significant time and effort to visit! Thankfully, you only need to collect 10 of these GTA Online Pumpkins each day to earn the daily bonus, so I've highlighted those in the area above at Vespucci Canals near the Del Perro Pier, as this is a safe location and all 10 are within a short distance. The Jack O' Lanterns respawn over time, which means you can return to this area each day to complete the daily task, though if you'd rather collect them elsewhere then GTAWeb.eu has the full set of locations.

GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns rewards

GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns

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GTA Online Ghost Hunt

GTA Online Ghosts Exposed

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Complete the GTA Online Ghosts Exposed challenge by photographing all 10 spooks.

Each time you collect 10 GTA Online Jack O' Lanterns in the same daily period, you'll receive a GTA$50,000 bonus. You can check your progress towards this by opening the Interaction Menu and choosing Inventory > Daily Collectibles then looking at Trick Or Treat. Rockstar have also confirmed there will be a rare Halloween-themed item awarded "for going the extra mile to collect all 200 [GTA Online Pumpkins] strewn around the map" – leaked files suggest this is a Pumpkin Tee, so it's up to you to decide if that's worth the effort!

On top of that, every time you collect a Jack O' Lantern you'll receive either a Trick or a Treat, and this continues for as many Pumpkins as you can find. What you get is completely random every time you pick one up, and examples I've encountered so far include:

  • Trick: Energy Pulse
  • Trick: GTA Online Peyote Plants Trip
  • Trick: Shock
  • Trick: Stoned
  • Trick: Up N Atomized
  • Treat: 1,000 RP
  • Treat: GTA$ (random amount)
  • Treat: Health and Armor
  • Treat: Snacks

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