GTA Online gets heists in early 2015, and a trailer now

Fish your gorilla mask out of the closet, because GTA Online will finally start heisting in early 2015. IGN reports that the long-delayed, much-anticipated component of GTA 5's multiplayer mode will arrive in a free update for all consoles, complete with more than 20 missions organized into five 'story strands'.

As you may recall, heists were intended to be part of GTA Online from launch. More than a year of 'we're working on it' assurances later, Rockstar released a trailer showing the new and improved multiplayer action. You'll need a team of four players of rank 12 or higher, and a leader with an apartment big enough to hold a planning board, to start your bank-robbing and jail-breaking career.

That sounds cool, but why'd it take so long? Lead mission designer Imran Sarwar says it was unexpectedly difficult to make sure every one of the four players had something interesting to do at all times - unlike the single-player missions, where you can just swap away from boring parts. With Rockstar's attention split between supporting GTA Online and working on GTA 5's new-gen versions, it took a bit longer than the company would have liked.

Players will receive a bunch of rewards in the form of cash payouts, new outfits, weapons, and vehicles for advancing through the multi-part heists. You'll even get bonuses for working your way through all five in order with the same set of players. Better late than never, right?

Connor Sheridan

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