GTA 5 Stunt Jump locations guide

Southeast Los Santos

36: At the scrapyard and oil filed, go to the top cliff and near a pipeline there will be a ramp. Simply launch off and land safely to complete the jump.

37: At little Big Horn Ave, just across the bridge from the garment factory Lester used, there is a boat shop to the south. In the parking lot, there is a green ramp that you’ll need to launch off of to get on to the freeway above.

38: Drive south to the dockyard and when you enter, head west. At the far end there will be a small ramp. Simply jump off it and land on the other side of the water.

39: At the corner of MacDonald St. and the train tracks there is a parking garage Drive to the top floor and then launch off the wooden ramp to the street below.

40: Go to the top floor of the Medical Center 3 story parking garage, and on the south side, you will see a ramp. Launch off it and land on the street below to be successful.

41: Head down to Chum St. and into the parking lot to the north of the plant there. At the east end of the lot, there will be a pile of dirt. To get this jump, you’ll need to ramp off of the dirt pile and land on the bridge to the left it’s not a difficult jump if you use a motorcycle, but using a car will make you spin and flip each and every time. For the jump to count, land your bike past the first set of arrows on the bridge.

42: Inside Bristol’s Coke Storage there are a few jumps. This one is located on the east side to the south. You will need to jump up the ramp on the trailer and land on top of the building in front of you. Bring a fast car to complete it.

43: To the north of the previous jump, there will be another trailer with a ramp. Zoom up it with a very fast car and you will need to land in the parking lot on the other side of the water.

44: Directly to the east of the last jump, this trailer ramp will have you launch your car up onto the freeway above. Again, bring a fast car for this.

45: For this jump, you need to land on the roof of the building to the left of the ramp and you need to land faaaaar down the roof, almost near the end for it to be considered a successful jump.

46: To the south end of the dock, on the west side, there is another ramp next to Walker Logistics that points to the left slightly. Use a motorcycle to jump up and all you need to do island safely on the roof.

47: Look for this ramp on the east side of the yard towards the north end. When you hit the ramp, try to veer to the left a tad to make the landing easier.

48: At the northeast tip of the docks, there is a ramp between the train tracks to the north and the Elysian Fields Highway to the south. It’s a long jump, so make sure you use plenty of room to build up speed.

49: Off the concrete ramp at the terminal beside the large ship. Just jump over the water and over the highway.

50: When you enter the terminal, look to the left at the curve in the road to the south and you can see the dirt pile ramp there across from the blue containers. Take a run at the ramp with a fast bike, as a car will flip, and hop over the lanes of traffic to land at the Jetsam Terminal parking lot.

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