How to complete GTA 5 Kifflom and find all the Epsilon Tracts

GTA 5 Kifflom! and Epsilon Tracts

For the GTA 5 Kifflom Trophy or Achievement, you have to delve deep into the Epsilon Program – the celebrity-backed cult that has made numerous appearances over the course of the Grand Theft Auto series. This involves a series of side quests in GTA 5 that are somewhat out of the ordinary, as after you've found and joined the cult you'll need to complete a 'journey of spiritual enlightenment' with them. In reality this results in a series of escalating challenges bordering on the ridiculous, and it's often not clear what you need to do next to move on. Don't worry though as we've got you covered, so here's how to complete the Epsilon Program missions in GTA 5 to earn the Kifflom! Trophy or Achievement, as well as find some optional Epsilon Tracts.

GTA 5 Epsilon missions walkthrough

How to start the GTA 5 Epsilon Missions

Once you've completed the story mission Father and Son, Michael will be able to access the Epsilon Program website. Pull up your phone's internet app or sit down at any computer to log in. Search "Epsilon" in EyeFind and click on the first link, then fill out the evaluation form. Your answers have no bearing on the side missions.

After the evaluation, Michael will be asked to find a certain red truck...

Seeking the Truth

A question mark will appear in Raton Canyon. Head there to find the red truck in question. This side quest is nothing more than a cutscene, so find the truck and get it over with.

You'll then receive an email asking for a $500 dollar donation to the Church of Epsilon. Head to the website again and pay the money, or the next mission will not appear.

Accepting the Truth

The next mission will open up shortly; look for the Epsilon logo on your map. When it appears, head there to start the next leg of the enlightenment quest. This time, your new contact Marnie will ask you to purchase further enlightenment for $5,000. You know what this means. Head to the Epsilon website once again and make a $5,000 donation.

Assuming the Truth

Another Epsilon symbol will soon appear in Grapeseed. Head there to encounter Marnie again. This time she wants you to steal five very special vehicles for some high rankling Epsilon members. The five cars are the Pegassi Vacca, Benefactor Surano, Declasse Tornado, Enus Super Diamond, and Dinka Double-T. Tracking down these vehicles is much easier than you'd think - you just have to know where to look. Here are the locations:

Pegassi Vacca, parked in a driveway

Benefactor Surano, parked in a small lot

Declasse Tornado, parked at a body shop

Enus Super Diamond, parked behind a building

Dinka Double-T, parked at the LifeInvader offices

With all five delivered, this mission will end, and another Epsilon logo will appear on your map.

Chasing the Truth

Head to the new logo to start the next leg of the GTA 5 Epsilon mission. This time, Marnie and Jimmy need you to track down some items they believe are not of this earth. You need to find three items to satisfy their search. Much like the cars, this is really simple if you know where to look.

This first item is a TV. Head northwest from the starting point to reach this fence. The TV lies along it.

The second item is some sort of battery. Head directly north from the TV toward the dry river nearby. Just before the terrain drops off into the stream, you'll find the battery by some bushes.

The final item is a boot. Head southeast from the battery to find this little picnic spot. Just past it is the boot you're looking for.

With the search over, you'll now need to pay $10,000 for more "enlightenment." Crack open your phone and make two donations of $5,000 to the Epsilon website to unlock the next mission.

Bearing the Truth

Once the Epsilon logo appears, head there for the next mission. This time, Marnie tasks you with wearing Epsilon robes for 10 days. It's not as annoying as it sounds. Start by heading the Epsilon website and buy the robes for $25,000. Yes, that's really how much they cost. After a one-day cycle, they will appear in your wardrobe.

Now, the 10 days might seem like a lot, but there's a trick to this task - sleeping. Simply sleep repeatedly with Michael, as this passes a lot of time very quickly. Sleep repeatedly until the 10 days are up, and a new mission will unlock.

Delivering the Truth

This one is very straightforward. Head to the new Epsilon logo to meet Torn, who tasks you with flying a plane to an airfield. Hop in and fly to the destination to wrap this one up.

Exercising the Truth

Another Epsilon logo will soon appear on your map. Make sure you're wearing your Epsilon robes, and head there to meet up with the whole Epsilon crew once again. They're ready to send you to meet their leader, but first you must run five miles through the desert. No seriously.

You have two ways to complete this one: active and passive. For the active route, hold down that run button and have Michael run until you receive a notice that the five miles have been completed. For the passive route, you can use a rubber band and a small weighted object to tie the thumbstick back and weigh down the run button. Come back later to find the task completed.

Choose whichever method you prefer, and after the task is completed, you'll receive a call for the final Epsilon mission.

Unknowing the Truth

You've been summoned to the Epsilon Center by Cris Formage, founder of the Epsilon program. Head to the Epsilon logo while wearing the Epsilon robes to start the final mission. You'll also need at least $50,000 in your bank account - money which Cris adds to a store of cash in his car to be sent off to various investments.

After the cutscene and paying your money, follow Cris' security detail to the designated spot. Upon arriving, you have two choices: leave the car at the drop zone to complete your enlightenment, or steal Cris' car and make off with the money inside.

Should you choose to steal the car, take out your oppressors and get back into the car quickly - we recommend an RPG or sticky bombs to get rid of the chopper. Escape the cops (or alternatively, the Epsilon guards), and the mission will end. You'll get a nice chunk of change from Cris' car, and either way you'll receive an achievement/trophy for your effort. Enlightenment complete.

GTA 5 Epsilon Tract Locations

Epsilon Tract Locations

(click to expand map) (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

With the Epsilon Program complete, Marnie will send you a clue about finding an Epsilon Tract - there are 10 total to find, and Marnie sends a new clue every time you find the previous one. You've already unlocked the achievement/trophy at this point, and the tracts are simply for collecting. There's no reward for finding them all, but we've got all the locations if you still want to track them down:

Tract #1 - Mount Chiliad

The first Epsilon tract is atop Mount Chiliad. Head to the observation deck on the summit to find it.

Tract #2 - Palamino Highlands

Off the east coast of the Palamino Highlands is a bay. Take a dinghy out there and go diving to find the wreckage a of a massive boat. The second tract is on the ocean floor next to the wreck.

Tract #3 - Pacific Ocean

This one is a bit off (yet obviously, on) the map. Head to the large northern island at the tip top of the map. You'll find a tract here.

Tract #4 - Mount Chiliad

Marked on the map is the south entrance to the tunnel that runs through Mount Chiliad. Enter that tunnel and proceed until you reach a small set a of steps. The tract is atop them, against a door.

Tract #5 - Little Seoul

There is an old church in north Little Seoul. Head there to find the next track at the base of the building.

Tract #6 - Paleto Cove

The next tract is along the coast in Paleto Cove. In this area is the Sonar Collections Dock, a business also available for purchase. Head to the end of the dock and down the short steps to find the tract.

Tract #7 - Richman

The next tract is in swanky Richman. At the northern edge of the district is an exquisite mansion. Head up the private driveway to find a tract inside a set of stairs before the mansion entrance.

Tract #8 - Mount Chiliad

It's back to the game's big old mountain for this one. As you can see from the screenshot, the next tract is very near where you acquired the first one. Just walk down the slope and snatch it from under the tree.

Tract #9 - Downtown

You'll need a helicopter for this one. The Maze Bank is the tallest building in the game, and the penultimate tract sits atop it. Fly up to the roof for the high altitude collectible.

Tract #10 - Pacific Bluffs

In the southeast edge of Pacific Bluffs is a cemetery. In the center of said cemetery is a lake, and you'll find the final tract next to an island grave in that lake.

Congratulations - you've found all of the Epsilon Tracts!

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