Grounded Shed Lab location and how to reach it

Grounded shed lab undershed
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The Grounded Shed Lab location is on the far West side of the Undershed region, and guarded by a deadly Black Widow Spider boss fight. The Undershed is one of the most dangerous regions in Grounded, and requires extreme caution when trying to reach the Shed Lab, filled with spiders, ticks, mosquitos, and various other horrible entities. The limited map detail also doesn't help navigation, so we'll lay out clear, concise instructions for how to find the Grounded Shed Lab's location, and how to survive the perils of the Undershed.

Grounded Undershed lab and Wendell Tully location

Grounded shed lab undershed

(Image credit: Obsidian)

The shed lab in Grounded is on the far West side of the Undershed, effectively requiring you to cross the entire thing to reach it. Keep in mind to read this whole section before undertaking this journey, as there's a lot to prepare for.

  1. You can reach the Undershed by going through the Undershed Entrance, marked for you after finding Wendell Tully's SCAB. This'll provide some resources and opportunities for players to get context about what's ahead. Be sure you're armoured and equipped for major combat! There's at least one boss fight ahead of you - technically two.
  2. Once you leave the entrance lab, you'll be in the Undershed proper, a cavernous region filled with high-level bugs. 
  3. Rather than heading straight on, use the rising cable to leap onto the pipe on your right and walk along it as far as you can go, turning left and hugging the Northern wall. There'll be Ticks up here, but it's better than what's at ground level. 
  4. Continue until you see a tunnel filled with glowing slime mold down below on your left hand side. Dandelion-float down to it and head through the darkness to the other side.
  5. You'll emerge above a lake with mosquitos around it. Your goal is the pipe surrounded by webs ahead of you on the opposite side (shown in the picture above). Climb up and around the right-hand side of the lake, using the roots and rocks to parkour and float over to the pipe - then inside.
  6. Deep within the pipe, it'll open into a cavern with the feared Black Widow Spider. This is a boss fight that'll require a lot of strength and intelligence to beat - or you could try to sneak around it and head through the web-filled tunnel in the top-right hand corner of the cavern.
  7. Out the other side, you'll finally emerge onto a clifftop in the Undershed - with the entrance to Wendell Tully's Shed Lab located ahead of you.

The Undershed lab is a creepy place, filled with a few loose Fire Ants, including some Soldiers among them. However, the greater threat is past them - but we won't spoil that. Just make sure that you pick up all the documents and audio logs along the way so you know what's waiting ahead of you, and make sure you're prepared for a big fight - yes, arguably on par with the Black Widow you just encountered. And this time you can't stealth around it, as you'll have to kill what's waiting below to proceed the story. Best of luck. 

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