Grand Theft Auto IV - massive website update

Rockstar%26rsquo;s just giving it away in the weeks leading up toGrand Theft Auto IV%26rsquo;s release. Today's super-huge website update features a blow out of new info, new music, new features and- you guessed it-new screenswe can stick in this article to make you want this game more (welcome to Marketing 101).

Topping the list of interests is the info onGTA IV%26rsquo;s multiplayer modes, complete with screens so you can witness the awesome. GamesRadar covered all the multiplayer modes in ourexhaustive previewwhich you should totally check out right now, if you haven%26rsquo;t already.

Following that, there are a mess of new radio stations for you to samplealong withsome flash mini sites.And don%26rsquo;t forget to check out thenew videos, too.

But really, why would you want to go look at their site when we%26rsquo;ve got so much good GTA IV stuff here on GamesRadar? Have a look at the scandalousfake picture fiasco, thecraziest GTA videos ever, and aninterview with Rob Smith- champion of both Grand Theft Auto IV AND Metal Gear Solid 4.

Apr 11, 2008