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Gran Turismo 5 - does it really look that good?

Polyphony, shame on you for not making your game look better. Boo!

Above: Call that writing? It's just a collection of bump-mapped pixellation

Above: And there was me thinking the Audi logo was made of circles

Above: New Accord Tourer, advertised with 1996's graphics technology

Above: Two crossed polygons for trees? You really are SPOILING US

Above: Omigod you can see every angle on those 'circular' exhaust pipes

Above: Yum, stretched tree canopies and stickers for traffic lights

Above: Mirrors reflect the scenery but not thecar they're stuck on. Classy

Above: Those railings are made of paper. Well, paper and fuzziness

Now look at the full screenshots they came from.

Honestly, you'd think they'd try harder, wouldn't you?

NOTE: In case you can't tell, we're being sarcastic. It looks friggin' INCREDIBLE and we're still hoping it'll come out this side of 2056.

22 Mar, 2010

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