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Grab this 75" TCL 75S425 4K TV for just $900

TCL 75S425 deal
(Image credit: Best Buy)

With all the great movies and TV series out there (Stranger Things season 3, anyone?) you might be thinking it's time to size up. Never mind all the fantastic games right around the corner. Perhaps your 55" living room TV is feeling a little small. This particular sale might pique your interest, then.  

TCL's 75S425 4K TV is just $899 right now at Best Buy. That's $300 down from its regular price of $1,199. New Sling TV subscribers can also get 30 days free to trial the service along with the purchase of this model. 

Despite TCL being known as a budget TV brand, it's been known to consistently deliver quality results. Previously, we lined out the best TCL 4K TVs for gaming, and we know you can get some excellent results from the company's lineup. The TCL 4-series is the company's entry-level 4K Line that comes in various screen sizes. This particular model nets you 75 inches, which is a ridiculous amount of screen real estate for the price. 

It isn't the most eye-popping TV you'll find at this price, but if you want impressive size, reliable performance, built-in Roku support, and plenty of features for a tight budget, you'll find plenty to love about the TCL 75S425 and its outstanding value. 

TCL 75S425 4K TV is $899.99 at Best Buy | save $300

TCL 75S425 4K TV is $899.99 at Best Buy | save $300
Upgrade your home theater and gaming setup with this giant-sized budget TV that makes for a reliable, no-frills purchase. 

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