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Grab the Razer Raiju Ultimate controller for 39% off with this Boxing Day deal

Razer Raiju Ultimate
(Image credit: Razer)

While standard gaming controllers will do the job for most players, those looking to up their game to the next level should consider picking up something with a little more functionality in the Boxing Day sales. One such pad is the Razer Raiju Ultimate, which usually retails at £200, but has been reduced to £121.99 for Boxing Day.

Razer Raiju Ultimate 2019 | £121.99 at Amazon UK (was £199.99)

Razer Raiju Ultimate 2019 | £121.99 at Amazon UK (was £199.99)
Grab this controller with mecha tactile action buttons, interchangeable parts, and RGB chroma lighting for 39% off

You're probably wondering why you should pick up the Razer Raiju Ultimate even at this steep discount since it's still almost triple the price of a standard DualShock 4. Let us help. Razer is one of the best in the business when it comes to gaming peripherals and the Raiju Ultimate is no different.

It's got a number of multi-function buttons that can be remapped via the use of a handy mobile app, which also lets you adjust sensitivity options and more. You can switch out various parts of the controller like the sticks and d-pad for alternate designs based on your preferences, along with the hair-trigger mode which reduces how far you need to push the triggers down for them to activate. Plus it has those sweet RGB lights so you can look truly epic while gaming.

If you don't fancy the Razer Raiju Ultimate, you can also pick up the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition which comes in Black, Mercury, or Quartz colours for £50 off. You can see just why we gave the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition four out of five stars in our review, citing the premium build quality and remappable buttons.

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