Grab a spare gold PS4 controller for under $40

(Image credit: Sony)

There's about to be plenty of games on the horizon this fall, not to mention Death Stranding when it lands on PlayStaton 4 in November. Are your controllers in good shape? Think you might want to pick another one up just in case? Newegg has a deal you might want to keep an eye on. 

You can pick up a gold DualShock 4 wireless PS4 controller for just $38 right now at Newegg, which is $27 off its normal price of $65. There's a limit of 5 just in case you want to pick up a few and keep them around for extra holiday gifts or just squirrel away for when the rubber on the thumbtack inevitably breaks off – that does happen, you know. 

The sale ends next week on Wednesday, so make sure you grab as many as you feel is necessary while they're cheap, and if you hate the color (which isn't that attractive) you can always throw a skin on top of it, right? Either way, it's a functional PS4 controller, and who knows when you might need another? 

Gold DualShock 4 Wireless PlayStation 4 Controller is $38 at Newegg | save $27

Gold DualShock 4 Wireless PlayStation 4 Controller is $38 at Newegg | save $27
Get ready for the upcoming deluge of game releases this fall by picking up another controller just in case. 

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Brittany Vincent