Gotham Knights has Nightwing butt shots to please his fans

Gotham Knights gameplay footage
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Gotham Knights has deliberate shots of Nightwing's butt for the fans.

In the latest issue of Play Magazine, Gotham Knights cinematics director Wilson Mui spoke about the challenges of making each character distinct. That's not in gameplay terms though, because cutscenes differ depending on which character the player is, whether that's Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, or Nightwing.

"I joke, but in Nightwing’s version of one of the scenes with Harley [Quinn], we have a butt shot because, you know, there’s a butt thing for Nightwing out there that we need to appease the fans with!" Mui explains. Turns out Nightwing things have a real thing for his butt - who knew?

How to change characters

How to change characters in Gotham Knights

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This is how to change characters in Gotham Knights and try out all four Batman Family superheroes.

Mui goes on to explain that Gotham Knights effectively tries to make every cutscene slightly different for each hero. "They move differently, they speak differently, they have different histories with all the different characters," Mui says of all four protagonists in Gotham Knights.

So while you might be able to take up the mantle of Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, or Nightwing, only one of those characters is going to have gratuitous butt shots in their cutscenes. We're yet to find out what characteristics the three other heroes have that'll rival Nightwing's butt in the new game.

Gotham Knights launches next month on October 21, exclusively for new-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC. Earlier this year, developer WB Montreal revealed that this version of Gotham City is actually the biggest version of the city that's ever been developed for a game.

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