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Godzilla stomps into Fall Guys next week

Godzilla in Fall Guys
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Brace yourselves, because none other than Godzilla himself, king of the monsters, will be joining Fall Guys.

As Mediatonic announced earlier today, Godzilla will be joining Fall Guys next month. There's not long to wait though, because the special jelly bean version of the gigantic monster will be arriving in Fall Guys on November 3, which is less than a week away.

The Godzilla skin will only be available through the in-game store for Fall Guys players. In total, the Godzilla outfit will cost 10 Crowns: five the lower half of the costume for your player character, and five for the top half.

It turns out that this crossover comes just before the Godzilla Festival in Japan. Alternatively known as the "G-Fest," the festival brings together Godzilla fans from all over the world in Chicago. Last year, the festival actually marked the 65th anniversary of the original Godzilla movie's release, which first launched in Japan in 1954. That's one pretty old kaiju.

This isn't the first time that Fall Guys has had a crossover event with another media brand. Most recently for example, Mediatonic partnered with Sega on a Sonic the Hedgehog crossover, a skin for which was added to the Fall Guys store earlier this month in October. Looking further back on Fall Guys's history, there have been crossover events with indie hits like My Friend Pedro and Gris.

If you're a lapsed Fall Guys player like me, check out what's been added to Mediatonic's game since the latest season was introduced earlier this month in our Fall Guys Season 2 guide.

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