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Go big: Save 31% on this premium Samsung screen at Amazon right now

Pick up a 55-inch Samsung TV for $328 in this 4K TV sale - save $270
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Amazon Prime Day TV deals are perfect to peruse for almost everyone: from those looking to definitely upgrade and get something new in, to those who just fancy a cursory glance to see if there's a bargain or something to add to the TVs set of televisions screens. Whatever your approach, however, this premium Samsung TV deal might be worth taking notice of: you can save 31% on a Samsung 75-inch Q90T 4K TV right now, with its price coming down to $2,597.99 (opens in new tab). What's more, if you're fully upgrading your setup this year, you can also get this great Samsung soundbar which has had its price slashed to $184.99 (opens in new tab). Nice.

Note: this is a lightning deal and will end in a matter of hours so act quick!

It's a big investment, we know but this is a really great deal for one of Samsung's premium level televisions, and a model that's of this year too. It proves that not all Amazon Prime Day deals are just on older stock which manufacturers want to get rid of easily and quickly.

The Q90T televisions have excellent, excellent image quality. The colours and contrasts on Samsung's QLED panels are basically the best you can get which is one reason why these are the best gaming TVs for most people. It's Quantum HDR 16X is excellent, the Quantum processor inside it makes for a smooth and snappy operating system, and it's 120Hz will be very welcome with the next generation of home consoles that are touting 60 frames per second as a minimum rate.

As the audio is still just being pumped from a super-thin TV, that extra soundbar deal is a real tempter to ensure you hear all the games, TV shows and films better, given you'll be experiencing them visually at their best. 

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Samsung 4K TV sale

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Samsung 75-inch Q90T 4K TV | $3,298 $2,597.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
A great deal on a premium television set, if you get this, your home and setup will be future-proofed and you'll enjoy some of the crispest, sharpest, most vivid, and lush pictures TVs can offer.

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Samsung HW-R60C 3.1 Channel Soundbar | $256.28 $184.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Why not team your new TV with this excellent Samsung soundbar which is a bargain at $185. The perfect way to accompany your new TV to get the best visual and audio upgrade.

For more details on what makes a great panel, head over to our guide on the best gaming TVs (opens in new tab). If you'd prefer a screen you can also use with your PC, don't forget about the best gaming monitor (opens in new tab). And if you're looking for some lovely 4K content to enjoy, be sure to consider one of the latest Disney Plus bundles (opens in new tab).

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