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Go back in time with the Xbox Duke controller for $20 of and get all retro on your Xbox Series X

Go back in time with the Xbox Duke controller for $20 less and get all retro on your Xbox Series X
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Remember the original Xbox Duke controller? It was chunky, had more buttons than we knew what to do with, and proudly let everyone know where its allegiance lay thanks to an enormous central button with an equally enormous Xbox logo. You couldn't get more early 2000s if you tried - and now you can bring it over to the Xbox Series X thanks to a 20% discount on the Hyperkin Duke (opens in new tab) (or the Xbox One, if you're suffering like the rest of us in a seemingly-endless struggle to find Xbox Series X stock).

Discounted via Microsoft's back-to-school and gaming deals, the Xbox Duke controller is now available for $20 less than normal (opens in new tab). Because it normally weighs in at $70, that's not a bad price cut by any means.

This throwback was created by Hyperkin a little while ago for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs (complete with a home button with the animated Xbox startup screen), but thanks to the Series X's backward compatibility when it comes to peripherals, it'll work on new-gen systems just fine. Plug it in and away you go.

This isn't the only worthy pick from Microsoft's sales, either. There are plenty of headsets on offer in the wider accessory deals (opens in new tab), and more than a few games have been discounted (opens in new tab) in honor of the event as well. Because that includes $30 off the likes of Assassin's Creed Valhalla (opens in new tab), it's worth a nose around.

Xbox Duke controller deal

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Hyperkin Xbox Duke controller | $70 $49.99 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)
Go retro with this deal on the Hyperkin Duke wired controller. It brings the classic handset into the modern era, and because it's compatible with the Xbox family at large, you can use it on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or PC.

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