Ghosts of Tsushima release date potentially leaked by retailer listing

It's been a leaky week for PS4 exclusives. Not only has promotional material for The Last of Us 2 recently given away an October 2019 launch window for Naughty Dog's upcoming sequel, but a Swedish retailer may have just spoiled Sucker Punch's release plans for its feudal Japan set open world game, Ghost of Tsushima

The store listing for Ghost of Tsushima on Spelbutiken states that the PS4 (and potential PS5) title - which is developer Sucker Punch's first new game since 2013's Infamous: Second Son - will be releasing on August 30, 2019, and a few clues suggests this is more than just a placeholder date with no bearing on the truth. 

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For one thing, placeholders are usually set by retailers on the last day of any given month, and in this case that would be August 31, not the day before. August 30, as it happens, is also a Friday, which is a common weekday of choice for big game releases, given that it's right before the weekend. 

Then there's the fact that, following the release of Days Gone and Dreams, Sony needs to fill out the rest of its 2019 calendar with more exclusive titles for its flagship console and - with Death Stranding confirmed to be slightly behind schedule - could Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2 be populating the latter half of the PS4's year in the Summer and Autumn respectively? 

PlayStation won't be making an appearance at E3 2019 this June, as Sony continues to work on its plans for the PS5, but we can surely expect some announcements about the twilight days of its predecessor soon. Whether that includes an August release date for Ghost of Tsushima, as this retail listing suggests, is anyone's guess.

Could Ghost of Tsushima make it onto our list of the best PS4 games of all time? We shall have to wait and see...

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