Ghost Recon Future Soldier retreats to May; PC version confirmed

Ubisoft has a long history of misplacing game release dates. Great games like Beyond Good & Evil, Prince of Persia 2008, and Rayman: Origins were all sent out to die in crowded weeks. It looks like the publisher may have finally learned its lesson, as it has officially delayed Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from its March 6 release date to May 22.

Why was March 6 so rough? Well, it happened to be the day BioWare would be releasing Mass Effect 3 - so, yeah, it's likely a good move for Ubi and the Ghost Recon franchise.

“Ubisoft prides itself on creating some of the most compelling and innovative experiences in digital entertainment,” said Adrian Lacey, IP development director at Ubisoft Studios France. “We have made the decision to move the date in order to ensure that all these ingredients are pushed to the highest level and provide a truly unique shooter experience.”

The release date's retreat leads to another delay: the beta. Originally planned to be made available this month, the beta for Future Soldier has been pushed to April, giving the developers a few more months to tighten up the game before sending it out to the masses for approval.

But there's a bright spot in the cloudy sky. Ubisoft has also confirmed that a PC version is in the works, and though it won't be releasing day and date with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, it will be the entire game, and not Ghost Recon: Online as was originally announced. Sure, this doesn't matter if you were already planning on picking up the game on consoles, but it's always good to see PC gamers treated with some respect. Well, until Ubisoft announces game-crippling DRM, of course.

Hollander Cooper

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