Get Your Tatts Out, Part III

SFX’s quest to uncover the coolest SF or fantasy-related tattoos continues. Keep ’em coming folks! And if you regularly frequent any forums or websites where there might be inked-up SF fans desperate to show off their masterpieces, direct them this way!

There are prizes up for grabs too: we'll be giving away two great DVDs – LA Ink The Complete Series One featuring the infamous Kat Von D, and Miami Ink Series Five (courtesy of Revelation Films) – for the tattoo that impresses us most.

So, email your pics of your tattoo to us at , and if there’s a story behind why you got yours done, we'd love to hear that too.

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Above Dave Phillips: “Kinda speaks for itself.”

Above Mark Waddoups, Rugby: “Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved Star Wars. I remember watching them every Christmas on TV, mesmerised by spaceships, robots, weird alien races and the Force. Finding something I liked that I thought would work as a tattoo I found hard. The Millennium Falcon…? Darth Vader…? I couldn't decide, until I thought about the logos of the Rebel Alliance and The New Republic. They represent the good and the bad respectively, and so decided to have both as everybody has a little of both in them. Some people see them as just cool symbol tattoos; I get asked, ‘What do they mean?’ Some people don't get it, but they’re for me no one else.”

Above Jez Thorpe: "Here's a picture of my latest tattoo, which I had done on my birthday this year (in April). It was a present from my wife - something a bit more memorable than a DVD or a book! As you can see, it's a stylised Cthulhu. It's my own artwork, and I'm pretty sure that no one else will have one like this! I've been wanting to have a Cthulhu for a long time, but never really got around to it, so this year I decided it was about time. Not that I'm obsessed or anything, but as a writer, most of my recent work has had a Lovecraftian theme. I'm also trying to start my own Cthulhu cult - mainly to avoid paying council tax. Anyway, I hope you like it. I'm hoping to get it coloured soon, too.”

Above Emma, Sheffield: “I got this tattoo on my shoulder as my 18th birthday present from my sister. I designed it myself, and I do still like it, but it's a bit blurry after eight years. There's usually a bit of confusion about what the dragons are actually doing, and hilarity ensues when I have to explain to people that they're fighting rather than doing anything else. My fiance hates it, but I like scaring him by threatening to get another dragon tattooed on my hip.”

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