Get this great PS4 crossover theme for free in celebration of International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women's Day, and just like last year, Sony is giving away an artistic PS4 theme featuring the iconic women from some of the best PS4 exclusives. While the International Women's Day 2018 theme was done by Media Molecule's Maja-Lisa Kehlet, this year's piece was created by Choro Choi, a concept artist at Guerrilla Games. In comparison to the six characters of last year's theme - which is still readily available for download - this free 2019 theme ups the ante with ten women enjoying some couch co-op gaming.

The theme goes live as soon as March 8 starts in your time zone, so at the time of this writing, it's now live and available for download in the EU and AU regions, but has yet to go live in the US. Here are all the women featured in this year's theme, and their games of origin: 

You can also spot some of the luminescent imps from Media Molecule's Dreams hanging out with Freya and Atoi. It's a hoot that Lady Maria's silently seething at the end of the couch amidst all the amusement, and it's nice to see Ellie smiling so cheerfully before she delves into the gritty apocalypse of The Last of Us 2

Based on the fun art, you might grab this free theme right away - but it's reasonable to assume that you'll be able to claim and download it whenever you like, given that 2018's theme is still free. In addition to the theme, the official PlayStation YouTube channel has published a minidoc titled "Balance for Better" interviewing women in the industry as they share their inspirations and advice.

Check out where these women came from in the best PS4 games. 

Lucas Sullivan

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