Get Sony's PS5 Media Remote so you never have to leave your sofa again

Sony PS5 Media Remote deals prices
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Sony just announced the final details for the PS5 and it looks like an absolute beast (sleek, powerful, loads of great titles), but don't forget about the accessories, including the very handy PS5 Media Remote. Ideal for when you're not swinging from rooftops or whatever else. It's available for pre-order now and sets you back $29.99 / £24.99.

Looking for the final piece of the PS5 puzzle? Got a spare DualSense pre-order already? Sony's PS5 Media Remote is the perfect thing, letting you control content from the comfort of your seat. This remote is a very useful tool for when you can't be bothered to move off the sofa, letting you start up the PS5, browse content, play / pause, adjust the volume, and everything else you'd expect. It's not the craziest gadget out there, it's just a useful thing to have. It also has dedicated buttons for launching Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and Disney Plus.

It's a good companion piece to the PS5, which comes in a very elegant white color-scheme and is rammed with incredibly high-end internals that will make mincemeat of basically any game, pushing out video at 8K if you have the TV to support that. It's the ultimate console and cements Sony's position as the leader of the pack.

Sony PS5 Media Remote | $29.99 on Amazon /  £24.99 at Argos

Sony PS5 Media Remote | $29.99 on Amazon /  £24.99 at Argos
The thing you never knew you needed until now: Sony's Media Remote is ideal for quickly and easily controlling content without having to faff around with the controller. You can pre-order it now.

It comes off the back of a busy few days; besides learning the PS5 price, we've also found out more about upcoming PS5 games and a load of PS5 accessories. That includes PS5 HD Camera pre-orders and Pulse 3D headset pre-orders.

Not had any luck getting your PlayStation 5 console? Our PS5 pre-orders page will point you in the right direction.

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