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Get some great antivirus deals right now with one of our favorite providers

Get some great antivirus deals right now with one of our favorite providers
(Image credit: Bitdefender)

Before you judge me, trust me: a cheap antivirus deal isn't sexy but it is incredibly useful and important. And if you can get one of the best antivirus in the business then it really is a brilliant offer. Unsurprisingly that's the thing I'm describing that you can get right now over at Bitdefender - on either side of the Atlantic. With saving of up to 60% off their packages, covering a 'basic' coverage, all the way to something more comprehensive, and multi-device in nature, these are bargain prices for quality software.

One of Bitdefender's attractions is the value you get in terms of stuff for your money: you get a whole host of benefits and securities. Ther's a reason Bitdefender's security products are consistently near the top of guides around the world and oft thought of as one of the best in the business.

Cutting to the chase, BitDefender's software of any stripe is supremely accurate in its detection, targeting and eradication of viruses, but it also filters the web to block access to malicious sites, it can secure your browser so your online shopping and banking have another line of defense and it can take care of password management too. And while some of the best antivirus software has annoying popups still, Bitdefender's, on the whole, decent and does a good job of alerting you to phishing and other nasties. it'll beat them off from a distance and you can browse in perfect safety.

Whatever your device: android phone, Apple laptop, or gaming behemoth PC running windows, Bitdefender will run on it fine. What's more, if you pick any of the packages, you'll be able to cover all three at once - though the Total Security offers more on that front with protection for five devices.

At least the 'excitement' of bagging a bargain can make up for the lack of it in the thing you're actually buying. We know, it's a bit dull. But important! So, ensure your device can whack the nasties off from a distance and check these offers out.

Bitdefender antivirus | from $29.99 for one year at
You can choose from three options over at Bitdefender US with the Antivirus Plus one being our absolute top favorite pick. It's called basic protection on Bitdefender's website but the standard of it is anything but. And for $30? Great value.View Deal

Bitdefender antivirus | from £15.99 for one year at
The same three options are available for UK readers. The pictured Total Security is the most comprehensive of the covers on offer, but any of these packages - starting at just 16 quid for one year (and three devices) are total bargains.View Deal

You can also slap your new antivirus into your mobile devices too - they're not limited to PCs and laptops. Check out our guides to the best gaming phones and best gaming tablet to complete your gaming suite.

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