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Get over 25% off 12 Months Nintendo Switch Online membership and a 128GB memory card

Cyber monday nintendo switch deals online membership memory sd card
(Image credit: Nintendo/SanDisk)

Amazon US has done well by the standards of Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals, setting up a superb 27% discount on a bundle with both a SanDisk 128GB memory card and a Nintendo Switch Online 12 Month membership code. That's a discount of $55 to just $40, a good deal anywhere.

This is a pretty great offer by the standard of Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals - while we've seen discounts on memory cards before, major deals on Switch Online memberships are very rare and worth making use of whenever possible. And while Switch Online membership is worth having, a good memory card is borderline essential to go with it - the Switch's default memory is very low without one, annoyingly enough.

There are options out there if you want to buy them separately, of course. This other 128GB SD card is just $20 at Amazon too, but Switch Online membership tends only to come discounted when it's tied to another product - like seen above. 

If you're looking for more info on where to get Nintendo Switch Online cheap, check out the link, as well as what perks and games Online membership provides. Or read below to find all the info on the discounted membership/memory bundle, one of the best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals you're likely to find soon.

SanDisk 128GB Memory Card with Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month Membership (Digital Code) | $54.98

SanDisk 128GB Memory Card with Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month Membership (Digital Code) | $54.98 $39.98 at Amazon US
Save $15 - Discounts on Nintendo Switch Online are incredibly rare, and a better memory card is practically mandatory to help the limited storage space of the Nintendo Switch itself. For those who have neither, this feels like an obvious purchase.

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Of course, if you're covered for membership and memory alike, check below to find some of today's best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals.

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