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Get one of the very best 4K gaming monitors that money can buy for its lowest ever price

Get one of the very best 4K gaming monitors that money can buy for its lowest ever price
(Image credit: ASUS)

Now, as a word of warning, this will still be a large price tag on first inspection. But interrogate this monitor further and you'll find it's absolutely one of the best 4K monitors for gaming going, and so at this, its lowest ever price, it does represent great value. With that out of the way, here goes: Amazon is selling the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 4K gaming monitor for the lowest ever price of $1,499.99 (opens in new tab).

This is not just any old pricey 4K gaming monitor, however. It has almost every bell and whistle that you'd want from any gaming monitor. For starters, it is of prime size at 27-inches, with a cool design typical of ASUS ROG gear. That 27-inches houses a 4K resolution screen (3840 x 2160) and boasts HDR tech of the highest order going on monitors. The screen is an IPS panel too, and has a buttery smooth 144HZ refresh rate, reinforced by the glorious G-Sync tech and supported by a 4ms response time. All of this rolled into one gives you almost the perfect monitor for pretty much all games, no matter what you play and what you play them on. This would be a highlight of one's PC or console gaming setup.

That's why this is (technically) a $2,000 dollar monitor. And although it hasn't quite been that price for a while, it has pretty relentlessly held a very high price tag nonetheless. As a result, this deal really is significant because it's the lowest ever price with 25% off list cost. It's also worth remembering that 4K screens are rapidly becoming some of the best gaming monitors (opens in new tab), period. So if you want to future-proof yourself with one of the best monitors cheap, this is the way to go.

Best 4K gaming monitor deal today

ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ gaming monitor | 27-inch IPS | 4K HDR | 144Hz 4ms | G-Sync | $1,499.99 at Amazon (lowest ever price)
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One of the best in the business. You will not look back if you get this gaming monitor as it has all the best bells and whistles. 

Nowadays it's not too unheard of to save up and spend around $1000 on a 4K gaming monitor, such is their future-proofness and all-round quality. So, why not put some extra savings to great use, stretch that budget a little and consider one of the very best in the business?

However, if that really is too much for you to consider, but you still want a quality and cheaper 4K monitor, fear not! Amazon still has a decent discount on a more mid-range model from Acer and a budget (but still excellent) model from BenQ. You can find these below.

Acer Predator XB273K gaming monitor | 27-inch IPS | 4K HDR | 144Hz 4ms | G-Sync | $899.99 at Amazon (save $100) (opens in new tab)
Rated incredibly highly by our friends over at PC Gamer, the lower price on this 4K monitor makes it very attractive for a premium screen.

BenQ EL2870U gaming monitor | 28-inch TN | 4K HDR | 60Hz 1ms | FreeSync | $299.99 at Amazon (save $48) (opens in new tab)
A few trade offs come with with this more budget monitor, but it is still extremely good and worth a look, offering an excellent way into 4K gaming.

You'll need a killer rig to plug into a 4K monitor though, so check out our guide to the best gaming PCs (opens in new tab) here should you need help in that regard. And if you're a console gamer, to get the best out of a 4K monitor, it's probably wise to consider one of the best Xbox One X deals (opens in new tab) going or one of the best PS4 Pro deals (opens in new tab) around in order to upgrade your machine and make the most of your newly discovered 4K glory. 

If monitors aren't quite your thing or aren't right for your setup, then check out the best gaming TVs (opens in new tab) here.

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