Get 25% off the Logitech G923, one of the best steering wheels for console and PC gaming

Logitech G923
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Back when I reviewed the Logitech G923, I was blown away by how realistic the TrueForce effects felt, especially considering the already respectable asking price when compared to others on the market. This is a mid-to-high end steering wheel and pedal combo that has received another £90 off, which means for racing fans and enthusiasts who don't already have a decent sim-rig setup, you can't go wrong. Also, don't worry if you're in the US, because there are some steering wheel deals for you at the bottom!

There is one drawback with the G923; you need to either buy the PlayStation version, which works with both PS4, PS5, and PC, or the Xbox version, which is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and PC. So tough luck if you like to drive virtually on both main home consoles.


Logitech G923 steering wheel & pedals (PS4, PS5, PC) | £350 £260 at Currys
Sim racing is becoming more and more popular these days and this is the perfect way to get involved. Whether you're playing Gran Turismo, F1, Euro Truck Sim, or any of the other games supported by the G923 on PlayStation and PC, you won't be let down, especially at this price.


Logitech G923 steering wheel & pedals (Xbox One, Xbox Series S + X, PC) | £350 £260 at Currys
On the other hand, this is the one you'll want to buy if you're on Xbox. It's at the same price and the design is the same, except the face buttons are replaced with Xbox's traditional A/B/X/Y. Play Forza, DiRT 5, Assetto Corsa and more with this beauty.

The one drawback with the G923 – and all the previous Logitech wheel + pedal combos – is that it doesn't come with a stick shift. Thankfully, you can remedy this via Amazon, because they have the Logitech Driving Force Shifter at £30, which is almost half price.

Logitech Driving Force Shifter (compatible with Logitech G920, G29, and G923 steering wheels) | £50£30 at Amazon UK

Logitech Driving Force Shifter (compatible with Logitech G920, G29, and G923 steering wheels) | £50 £30 at Amazon UK
As a partner product to the steering wheel, you can pick up the Logitech Driving Force Shifter for added realism. This is mainly necessary if you like to play your racing or driving games in manual transmission mode, especially if you're in VR. Trying to change gear in VR without a stick shift accessory is hard.

Finally, there are some alternative options here if the G923 is a little out of your price range (or you're in the US!).


Logitech G29 steering wheel + pedals (PS4, PS5, PC) | £300 £160 at Amazon UK
If you can't fork out the £260 for the G923 and want to play on PS4, PS5, or PC, take a look at the G29. This is the predecessor to the G923 so isn't quite as feature-laden (no TrueForce, for example), but is still a very impressive gadget that any sim racer won't be disappointed with.


Logitech G29/G920 steering wheel + pedals (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X + S, PC) | $400 $250 at Amazon
One for the US crowd! Unfortunately, the G923 isn't discounted, but you can get either the G29 or the G920 (depending on your platform preference) for $150 off. Even though these aren't the latest models, this is still a fantastic deal for a brilliant product.

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