George R. R. Martin's Nightflyers looks like a cross between Interstellar and Alien - watch the trailer

I've got good news and I've got bad news. The first trailer for Nightflyers - the new TV show based on George R. R. Martin's other book - has been released at San Diego Comic Con 2018 and the good news is that it looks really, really promising. The bad news is that it looks nothing like Game of Thrones. Or maybe that's good news too, depending on your viewpoint... 

If you were hoping for a replacement for the fantasy series once Game of Thrones season 8 ends, you probably won't find it in space thriller Nightflyers. Don't discount the show just yet though, because the first trailer makes it look like a cross between Interstellar and Alien and I'm so here for that. 

Set on a spaceship (which will look very familiar to casual and hardcore sci-fi fans alike), the passengers are looking for a new and fertile land because the Earth is dying. So far, so very familiar... but then there's a ship malfunction and people start dropping dead, hallucinating, and generally not having a great time of it.

There's a very The Expanse look to the trailer, but the content has more of a horror feel to it than other popular sci-fi series. The screaming passengers, the fiery silhouette, the creepy girl that clearly isn't really there... something is out to get the people aboard this ship. Is it an alien, or perhaps something else? 

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Lauren O'Callaghan

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