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George Miller talks Mad Max sequel and making a superhero movie

Mad Max Fury Road is easily one of the most popular films of the year, and with everyone waiting for any and all tidbits about the sequel, we sat down with director George Miller to see what we could get out of him.

While the filmmaker remained fairly tight-lipped about the details of the sequel, he did reveal that he already has plenty of stories to choose from thanks to how long it took to get Mad Max Fury Road made. "We spent so much time working on the backstories that inadvertently we wrote two other stories” Miller explained.

Watch the interview below...

After the failed George Miller Justice League film, fans will also be wondering if the director has any plans to try again with the world of superheroes. "It depends entirely on the story," Miller says. "I’m interested in the superhero universe because they are the equivalent of the Greek and Roman gods." Shame Thor 3 is already taken... (opens in new tab)

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Lauren O'Callaghan
Lauren O'Callaghan

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