George Clooney as Jack Ryan?

CIA agent Jack Ryan just won’t die. The latest thesp linked to the role? George Clooney.

“But,” we hear you ask in the manner of a Victorian orphan, “doesn’t he get linked to just about every role short of the lead in the Buffy reboot?” And you would be right.

This particular rumour comes from a recent story on The Daily Beast reporting that Clooney's production company is jumping to Sony.

Buried inside the piece was this nugget: "A source says he expressed interest in playing Jack Ryan when and if Paramount attempts to revive the Tom Clancy series.”

The Ryan series always seems to be in flux: Ryan Gosling has been linked with the role and Sam Raimi had been trying to get it restarted, though he's now busy with something else. Spider-thingy? Is that it?

Anyhoo, if Paramount thinks it can get Clooney, chances are it’ll jump at it, but we’re not going to say it’ll ever happen.

He’d make a darn fine Ryan though, wouldn’t he?

[Source: The Daily Beast ]

Clooney as Ryan? Can you see it? Can you see it even happening?