Genshin Impact promotion gives out free Primogems – here's how to get yours

Genshin Impact
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A Genshin Impact Twitch promotion recently hit its peak, giving all players the chance to claim some free Primogems just by collecting and redeeming a code. 

The Twitch event has been running for several weeks – you may have noticed a few Twitch chats full of "HungryPaimon" emotes as a result – and has finally hit its goal. The grand prize is a 60 Primogem giveaway for all players, regardless of whether they actually participated in the event by spamming the Paimon emote. 

To claim it, just head to a live Twitch stream that has the Paimon extension enabled – one of the biggest Genshin Impact streamers, Enviosity, is an easy pick – and click the treasure chest at the bottom of the overlay. This will generate a unique code that you can redeem via the Genshin Impact website, just as you would redeem the codes given out during reveal streams. You can get a closer look at the event UI in this tweet from Enviosity: 

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Note that this Twitch promotion is totally separate from the Genshin Impact Twitch Prime rewards, which is tied to Amazon Prime. You don't need any sort of subscription to collect the free 60 Primogems from this event. Granted, I don't think anybody is going to lose sleep over 60 Primogems, but hey, gems are gems. With Inazuma serving tons of stylish new characters, more Wishes are always welcome. 

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