Genshin Impact Twitch Prime rewards include Primogems and character XP

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact Twitch Prime rewards start this month and will run through December 2021.

Amazon confirmed earlier today that Genshin Impact has joined the Prime Gaming program. Eight reward bundles will arrive between now and the end of December, with September and November offering two batches each.  

How do I claim Genshin Impact Twitch Prime rewards? 

Genshin Impact itself is free, so to claim these Prime Gaming rewards, you'll just need an active Amazon Prime subscription (or, temporarily, a free trial). The rewards are available for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile players, and any rewards you collect will carry over if you play on multiple platforms via cross-save.

To claim your Genshin Impact Amazon Prime loot, you can open the code redemption tab under the in-game settings or redeem a code via the official MiHoYo website by logging in with your linked Facebook or Twitter account. 

As long as you're an active Prime subscriber, a unique code will seemingly be emailed to you when each batch of rewards arrives. Once you redeem it, the rewards will be sent to you via Genshin's mail system, just like any other promotional bounty. 

What do Genshin Impact Twitch Prime rewards get me? 

The first batch of rewards is now available and includes 60 Primogems, eight Hero's Wit XP cards, and five mushroom pizzas (sadly, only in-game ones). These rewards will be up for grabs until August 18, so be sure to claim them by then.

Amazon has also revealed the second Genshin Impact Twitch Prime pack: one Fragile Resin worth 60 Original Resin, eight weapon enhancement cores, and 20,000 Mora. This pack will arrive in August and stick around until September 18. 

We don't know what's coming beyond that, but based on the first two packs, it will likely be more small but welcome resource drops. That said, there's every possibility that MiHoYo will add an exclusive weapon, glider, or the like to the Genshin Impact Twitch Prime track based on previous collaborations with *checks notes* PlayStation and KFC. 

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