Genshin Impact trailer shows the new 5-star character Kazuha in action

The story trailer for upcoming Genshin Impact character Kaedehara Kazuha teases the wandering samurai's role in the new story quests to come, and also gives us our first look at Beidou as an NPC. 

Developer MiHoYo released the story trailer last night, just under a week ahead of Kazuha's arrival in-game. Kazuha hails from Inazuma, the new region which will sit alongside Mondstadt and Liyue whenever it arrives (which could very well be the next patch, if the latest teasers are any indication), and his story trailer chronicles his escape from the electro archon's domain. Fleeing Inazuma's Vision hunters, who've been cracking down on those gifted with elemental powers, the ronin winds up on Beidou's ship, which was previously located just outside Liyue harbor. 

We got a rough overview of Kazuha's past during Genshin Impact's update 1.6 reveal, but this story trailer is chock-full of finer details and gives us a much better picture of his personality, not to mention his voice. It also gives Beidou her first major role in a story quest. The Liyue pirate captain has been playable since Genshin Impact was released, but she's never appeared as a story character until now. Hopefully we get to spend plenty of time with both of them in the new quests coming in the second half of update 1.6.

This trailer was released alongside a blog post breaking down Kazuha's lore and skills. As an Anemo Vision holder, Kazuha's maple leaf motif is a good match for his whirlwind abilities. His elemental skill launches him into the air with a gust of Anemo damage, and he can then combo into an Anemo-infused plunging attack which creates a small twister that pulls enemies in. His burst meanwhile, creates a huge Anemo field that periodically damages enemies in range. Both of these abilities can be infused with other elements for extra damage and Swirl reactions, which works well with the new buffs to elemental mastery and one of Kazuha's talents, which buffs his teammates' damage whenever he triggers a Swirl. You can find more details on these abilities and how to build the upcoming character in our Genshin Impact Kazuha guide.

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