How to watch the new Borderlands reveal at the Gearbox PAX event

After years of teases, it's finally happening: the new Borderlands trailer is here and Gearbox Software plans to show us more at its big PAX East presentation today. The studio has been teasing a pack of announcements for its Boston stage show for weeks and you can catch the whole thing right here when it begins at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT /  6pm GMT on the PAX East main stage and on Gearbox's official Twitch channel.

Though lacking any actual gameplay, the statuesque Borderlands trailer did sneak in a few secret messages: one for Shift content in Borderlands 2 and another that advises viewers to "Count the Sirens". We're bound to learn quite a bit more during Gearbox's stage show, including (hopefully) our long-awaited first look at new Borderlands gameplay. Yeah, I know the game is just getting officially announced now, but it feels like Gearbox has been talking about it in one form or another for roughly 5,000 years.

Gearbox has also been teasing several other projects in recent weeks, including some odd robot thing. Some of them could be other internal game projects, but many of the games Gearbox shows off will likely come from its growing publishing arm. That side of the business helped bring us games like We Happy Few and the new Homeworld titles in recent years so it should be interesting to see those too (even if they have to share the stage with one of the most-anticipated games of the last decade).

While you wait, check out 20 things you missed in the new Borderlands trailer, or see this video breakdown of its many secrets.

Connor Sheridan

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