There’s morse code hidden in the new Borderlands trailer: here’s what it means

Just when you thought there was nothing else left to find in the new Borderlands teaser trailer, our very own James Jarvis has found a secret morse code hidden in the first handful of seconds of footage. Yes, really. Look carefully and you’ll see lights spell out ‘Count the Sirens’, in an incredibly enigmatic twist that has us watering at the mouth for more details about Borderlands 3. Now, time to dissect exactly what it could mean - and prepare yourself, because things are about to get real deep real quick. 

Handsome Jack revealed that only six Sirens can exist in the Borderlands universe at any one point. These ladies have terrifyingly powerful alien abilities, and are not to be messed with: Lilith from Borderlands can phasewalk, Maya from Borderlands 2 could phaselock enemies, Angel could phaseshift people (i.e. teleport them), and Commandant Steele… well, we don’t know what she could do, as she died before she showed off her abilities. Angel is dead too, which leaves only two Sirens that we know of - Lilith and Maya. So where are the other four? They’re clearly going to be a big part of Borderlands 3 thanks to this sneaky hint hidden in the trailer, and some even think one of them could be called Mayhem. You know, after the whole ‘Mayhem is coming’ tagline to the teaser trailer. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see… 

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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