GDC: PlayStation Home hints?

You'd have to be a drunken blind man to miss SCE's dominating presence at this year's GDC, with PlayStation ads and banners adorning almost every surface of the San Francisco Moscone Center.

One ad slogan in particular though has caught our attention: "Live in your world. Create new ones in ours," which could be an early hint from Sony at the soon-to-be-announced PlayStation Home (the PS3's own blend of achievements and Miis).

It might well turn out to be wishful thinking over an ad aimed at developers, but thankfully we haven't got long until the answer is revealed. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison will be taking the podium this Wednesday, when he is expected to make a number of service and game announcements for the PlayStation 3.

We're off to find those muffins everyone seems to be munching.

March 5, 2007