GamesRadar's Monday morning catch-up video: July 18, 2011

Once again, theGamesRadar UK team sits down to talk about games, much like they do pretty much all day anyway, only there's a camera on them. Reason? It's Monday, of course!So now you can get right up to speed with the gaming events and happenings you may have missed over the weekend. The format is simple - five news topics, each with one minute for discussion. After the minute's up... BING! No, we don't all head to the search engines to settle arguments, it's actually our awesome bell denoting the end of the discussion. But enough procrastination, let's have at it.

Todays topics are:

  • Ubisoft introducing an online pass system for preowned games
  • Battlefield 3 'Alpha' screens leaked
  • Man plays Dragon Quest IX for a month. Literally.
  • EA says iTunes App Store is 'in freefall'
  • Activision starts legal proceedings over domain name

If you enjoyed this, you'll likely enjoythe team's podcastTalkRadar UKeven more, through which you can learn the meaning of magical termssuch as"Get us a fick shake, maaate" which is basically essential for your survival in the modern world.

18 July