Helldivers 2 devs finally address widespread performance issues on PC with a possible new update "coming this week"

Helldivers 2 screenshot showing a fully geared/armored diver standing with gun in hand as three jets soar the skies behind him
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Helldivers 2 is getting another patch soon, as Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Shams Jorjani reveals that performance issues on PC "will be a focus next."

It's no secret - various Helldivers 2 fans playing on PC have been reporting problems with the shooter's performance, whether due to crashes or frame rate drops. Some players have stated that these issues only worsened over time as new updates rolled out, despite patches aiming to ensure smoother gameplay. A recent Reddit thread sheds light on such issues, starting with a declaration that since the "very first patch," performance on PC "has deteriorated without EVER getting back up at what it used to be at launch."

Commenters responding to this thread echo a similar sentiment, with some sharing possible quick solutions to try, and others stating that Helldivers 2 "needs optimization" as it suffers from performance issues regardless of PC specs. "The game never ran well to begin with," reads one reply. "Since launch, it has terrible performance compared to other similar and better looking and more crowded games." Another says, "I believe the devs can really do something about this." Thankfully, it looks like Arrowhead is aware of these complaints and is indeed taking action.

In a Twitter post, studio lead Shams Jorjani reveals that "Performance will be a focus next" for the Helldivers 2 developers. Following a fan's comment detailing "constant crashes," Jorjani clarifies that an update addressing performance issues on PC is "coming this week by the looks of it!" The CEO explains that while he hopes the patch "does the trick," the team will "keep at it regardless." Sadly though, there's no sign of DLSS support being in the works - creative director Johan Pilestedt called it "cool" but "not necessary" back in February - but exciting new content seems to be underway nonetheless.

Replying to another player asking about news from Arrowhead on upcoming content, Jorjani states that the Helldivers 2 devs are currently "talking about what to share when" - but offers "no promises!" The company head did previously say that Arrowhead will "likely circle back on all the content" though, meaning that players might see previously missable goodies like the iconic Malevelon Creek cape make a return to the game one day.

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