How to get the Motorcycle in Once Human

Once Human Motorbike
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Getting the Once Human Motorcycle is very simple but it will take a bit of time to get as you need to complete a several missions first. You'll likely see other players fly past on one while you're stuck on your feet, and it's obviously it's something you'll want sooner rather than later since it saves you plenty of time and energy. Although, the bike does also need some care of its own in the form of repairs and more fuel. So, let me explain how to get your own motorcycle in Once Human and how you can repair it to keep it running.

Where to get the Once Human Motorcycle

Once Human Motorbike mission

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There's no trick to getting a Motorcycle in Once Human, much like the Once Human tin ore resource, you just have to keep playing until you get it. In this case you have to reach a mission called 'Go to Deadsville (Teleportation Recommended)'. Here you'll catch up with Mary, a character you should have already met briefly. If you haven't, keep playing the main story. This quest will introduce Deadsville, a little hub of merchants and contract dealers. 

Once Human Motorbike unlocked

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Crucially, you unlock the motorbike by the end of this mission. You'll speak to Mary, a merchant called Clair, and a strange man called Lowe, to unlock the next story objective, A Mayfly's Path, but at the end, Mary will just casually give you her motorcycle, letting you take off on two wheels. If you get separated from your bike, you can press G and click at any time to 'summon' it to you.

How to repair and refuel your Once Human motorcycle

Once Human repairing motorcycle at garage

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Your Once Human motorcycle isn't invincible and will require repairs and refuelling to keep it running. Now that you've got the bike, you should consider heading into the Memetic screen, via your Cradle, to spend some Ciphers on things to support vehicles better - specifically, you'll find a Fuel Refinery under the Infrastructure section to make gas, and a Garage in the Building section for repairs and, eventually, mods.

Build a garage, then interact with it, and you can spend resources (copper ingots and metal scraps at first) to fully restore your motorcycle's health bar. It is quite fragile, so make sure you're not crashing into things and riding off cliffs, otherwise you're bike won't last long.

However, the bike is much more efficient when it comes to fuel. Make sure you've got cans of gas in your inventory and, when your bike is running low or entirely out of juice, you can simply dismount and follow the prompt to add in some gas, letting you get back on the road quickly.

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