Hades 2 devs don't know how many runs it'll take to reach the roguelike's true ending because it doesn't have one yet

Hades 2 announcement trailer
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Hades 2 studio Supergiant can't tell you how many runs it'll take to reach the roguelike's true ending because there is no true ending yet.

That comes from an interview with Game Informer, in which studio director Amir Rao gave players gunning for Hades 2's true ending some tough news: there isn't one yet and there probably won't be for some time.

"We don't know the answer yet because we haven't made the true ending of Hades 2," Rao said. "We're still working on many parts of it. But I'm sure there will be an answer to that."

While we can't possibly know how many runs it'll take to get to the true ending in Hades 2, we can pretty safely assume it'll be more than the first game, as even in Early Access, the sequel is already quite a bit bigger than the original Hades.

Without spoiling anything in case you've yet to beat the first game (no shame), it takes a minimum of 10 completion runs to reach the original Hades' "true ending," although it'll likely take many, many more - easily more than 50 according to this Steam discussion - to unlock the post-game epilogue that actually, truly puts a bow on the game's story and earns you the right to say you've seen it all.

Supergiant has said Hades 2 will likely stay in Early Access through 2024, and it isn't clear where the sequel's true ending lies on the Hades 2 roadmap, so for now completionists will just have to stay patient. At least they have some lore to dig into after players discovered a huge redesign to a major character.

In the meantime, here are some Hades 2 tips to get you started in the Underworld.

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