Soulslike veterans are being outmatched by the true Elden Lord: this 8-year-old who destroys Radahn on his first attempt at a "very low level"

Radahn seen in Elden Ring's cinematic story trailer.
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Elden Ring is undoubtedly a difficult game, but one eight-year-old Elden Lord is putting Soulslike veterans to shame with his incredible action RPG skills, after successfully beating Starscourge Radahn in a single attempt with no help at all.

In a very wholesome video posted by his dad, Twitter user @jnoe33, you can see the young Tarnished in action, dodge rolling and jumping over Radahn's attacks with ease, and slashing away at the boss at every safe opportunity. Watching how expertly he moves his character around, you'd think he'd been playing for years, but not only has he only been gaming for "a few months," but "it was his first attempt" fighting Radahn, which makes it even more impressive.  

"My son has recently got into gaming, and of course, he wants to play Elden Ring," @jnoe33 writes. "He has autism and is eight years old and is very low level and refuses to let me help him at all." 

Elaborating a little further in the tweet's replies, @jnoe33 says the young hero "probably has played 10-12 hours" of Elden Ring so far, but "he's watched me a bunch," so it seems he might have been taking notes. Radahn isn't an easy fight at all, but his reactions to all of the incoming moves were on point, even the massive meteor attack. 

You might have also noticed the young player's build, which consists of the base Longsword and armor set you get when starting as the Vagabond class. He's tried other things too, his dad adds, but "he loves that sword and light rolling." Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and it's clearly working for him.

The true Elden Lord clearly has a taste for Soulslikes now, since his dad says he "wants to play more games like Elden Ring," so we may well be witnessing the rise of a champion. With his skills, it genuinely looks like could be the next Let Me Solo Her – Malenia won't know what hit her.

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